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  • Bookkeeping Student.
    Flexible - Schedule
    That's right! Ninety-three percent of SCC's 2022 graduates found work or continued their education.
    Graduate Report
    Bookkeeping Student.
    Flexible - Schedule
    That's right! Ninety-three percent of SCC's 2022 graduates found work or continued their education.
    Graduate Report
    Bookkeeping Student.
    Flexible - Schedule
    That's right! Ninety-three percent of SCC's 2022 graduates found work or continued their education.
    Graduate Report


  •  Estimated Cost: $2,225

    Program Length: 2 semesters

    Locations: Beatrice / Lincoln / Milford / Online

    Start Term(s): Fall / Spring / Summer

    Awards Offered: Cert / Diploma

    Program Description

    We can prepare you to solve real world business problems with a degree from our Business program. One of the most versatile degrees offered at Southeast Community College, you will be able to choose your career path whether it be moving up the corporate ladder, starting your own business or completing your bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university.

    This certificate is stackable with the Business Diploma - Bookkeeping Option and the AAS in Business. Students who complete the Bookkeeping Certificate are half-way to earning a Business Diploma - Bookkeeping option. This certificate positions students to work in areas of accounting such as bookkeeping, payroll, and basic accounting functions outsourced for small and large businesses.

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of Southeast Community College’s Business Program is to prepare diverse learners for lifelong career opportunities.

    Vision Statement:

    The Business Program strives to be a leader in transforming education through technology, communication, and collaboration. Our faculty, staff, and administrators prioritize student success. We will advance learning opportunities through workforce leadership responsiveness, up-to-date engaging curriculum, and continuous improvement.

    You can start the Business program in the Fall, Spring or Summer terms. Follow these steps to finish your application:

    1. Want to learn more about SCC? Come see how SCC will help you achieve Your Path to Possible! Schedule a campus visit!
    2. Need help exploring career opportunities or navigating the admissions process? Schedule an appointment with an Admissions Counselor.
    3. Ready to apply? Complete an Application for Admission.
    4. Submit ACT, SAT, Next Generation Accuplacer, or Accuplacer test scores (reading and math) or official college transcripts showing completion of post-secondary coursework in English and math to the Admissions Office at any SCC location.
    5. You will need to demonstrate keyboarding skills of at least 30 words per minute minimum with three or fewer errors.
    6. If you cannot validate competencies in accounting and keyboarding, you may take courses in those areas at SCC. Credits earned in Office Accounting (AFFT-1310), Keyboarding I (OFFT-1010) and Keyboarding II (OFFT-1020) will not count toward your degree.
    7. You must complete the regular SCC admission requirements and prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or higher to continue in the Business program.

    You are able to choose a career which emphasizes your strengths in the business booking world. Career options include:

    • Small-Business Owner
    • Entry-Level Bookkeeper
    • Tax and Payroll positions
    Southeast Community College is a State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement Institution (NC-SARA) institution. As such, SCC is unable to offer online or distance courses to students in the following areas at this time: American Samoa, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

    Beatrice Campus

    Kim Day, Instructor
    800-233-5027, ext. 1332

    Jonah Jordening, Program Chair

    Vicki Wooton, Instructor
    800-233-5027, ext. 1282

    Lincoln Campus

    Eric Ayite, Instructor

    Scot Baillie, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 2523

    Marlyce Carlson, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 3422

    Todd Chipman, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 2425

    Beth Deinert, Program Co-Chair
    800-642-4075, ext. 2415

    Maryjan Fiala, Instructor
    402-437-2418 mfiala@southeast.edu

    Sanela Ganić, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 2810

    Terri Gardner, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 2696

    Lisa Harris, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 2420

    Linda Hartman, Program Co-Chair
    800-642-4075, ext. 2433

    Chelsea Hood Reese, Instructor

    Teresa Hruza, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 2427

    Anne Louden, Instructor

    Susan Pallas-Duncan, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 2417

    Janet Scott, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 2874

    Warren Wilson, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 2416

    Education Square Location

    Krystal Gabel, Instructor
    800-642-4075, ext. 3465

    Milford Campus

    Jill Ahrens, Instructor

    Richard Christensen, Instructor
    800-933-7223, ext. 8228

    Anissa Hoover, Instructor

    Tammie Lang, Program Chair
    800-933-7223, ext. 8465

    Kerry Raile, Instructor
    800-933-7223 ext. 8237

    Career Academy

    David Borcherding, Instructor

    Kathy Reiter, Instructor


    For more information about the post-graduation achievements of SCC Graduates as well as average starting salaries, refer to the annual Graduate Report.

    For information about the methodologies used to gather the post-graduation student achievement data contained in the annual Graduate Report, refer to the Institutional Research page or contact ir@southeast.edu.