Small-Business Essentials

Small-Business Essentials

SCC is pleased to present classes designed to assist current and prospective small business owners and managers to enhance their businesses’ success. We offer classes based on recommendations from the area business community and SCC Focus Suites.

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Our rotating course offerings include:

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Learn how to expand your marketing efforts with one-on-one training. Instructors are available to help you expand your social media presence, create blogs, online videos and email marketing strategies, help with finding target audiences, and much more.

Have you had an idea for a small business but aren’t sure where to start? Visit with an expert and get a few tips and tricks.

Discover two important “Keys to Success” when starting a new company. Building a business plan and what to do with it once you have it developed and identifying the method of record keeping that works for your business.

Hiring employees is much more than just finding the right person and paying them a wage. We will define the difference between an employee and independent contractor, review payroll tax applications, discuss the basics of a good employee handbook, determine what types of employees are exempt from overtime rules and look at the Work Opportunity Credit and penalties for non-compliance with federal and state payroll tax laws.

Focus Coaching is a customizable coaching experience designed to empower entrepreneurs in their business journey. Participants will be introduced to versatile tools for informed decision making and receive personalized feedback from our experienced coaching team.

Examples of tool/topics:

  • Business Model Canvas (to start a business, provide the foundation for a business plan, or to make decisions in an existing business)
  • Jobs, Pains, and Gains approach to target market
  • Systems creations and tools
  • Marketing strategies

Coaching sessions are scheduled at times convenient for the participant and coach and will be held via Zoom.

Please contact Brooke Lenhoff at for registration information and to schedule your coaching sessions.

Join us Thursday mornings for relaxed networking and free coffee! Each week we feature a speaker who shares real stories about their business experiences and entrepreneurial journey. These stories include why an entrepreneur got started in their business, what they have learned along the way (the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly) and what keeps them perked up and passionate about what they do!


This is a low-commitment and casual book club, and you don’t have to read the chapters to attend our meetings. Come when you can, leave when you need to and read what you want.

Attend Tuesdays at noon in person or via Zoom and feel free to bring your lunch!

For book information, Zoom access and additional resources, check out our Do Business for Real Book Club Facebook group or contact Brooke at to be added to the email list.

Learn why Zoom is being used by millions to hold one-to-one meetings or group conversations! Zoom provides a fun, easy way to connect with family, friends or colleagues with the click of a button. You can see and hear them. Learn how to set up a free account, join a meeting, host a meeting, share your screen, and record meetings. Learn the difference between free or paid plans. Ready, set, Zoom!

Class Offerings

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Are you an introvert and find business networking difficult? Join us for an opportunity to learn networking tips and ideas while connecting with other introverts in southeast Nebraska.

This course is taught by a CPA and is intended for business owners, managers and others looking to gain a basic understanding of the accounting used in small business or organizations. We will explore the various types of business entities, basic business registration and compliance requirements, general bookkeeping and accounting concepts, components of financial statements and how to read these, budgeting and basic income tax accounting.

Class Offerings

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