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Apprenticeships Build Your Workforce

The workforce is competitive and finding the right employee to fill your open positions can be difficult. Southeast Community College partners with you to bridge the workforce gap by creating apprenticeships that will cultivate a skilled workforce.

Southeast Community College partners with you to provide classroom instruction, while your company provides customized on-the-job learning with an employee mentor. Through apprenticeships, you are able to build a pipeline of skilled employees that have been trained for your company's specific needs

Apprenticeship training brings value to your company:

  • Establishes a pathway for hiring a skilled workforce that includes job training
  • Increases employee loyalty and reduces staff turnover
  • Delivers a career path for entry-level employees
  • Establishes a well-trained, talented workforce
  • Financial return on your workforce investment


Available Apprenticeship Programs:


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology

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The SCC Registered Apprenticeship Program is new and expanding! We encourage you to complete our form to learn more and provide us with information on your apprenticeship needs.

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Steps to Establish Your Apprenticeship with Southeast Community College

  1. Contact Connie Russell. Email: Connie Russell Phone: 402-437-2357.
  2. Become a Southeast Community College employee partner.
  3. Determine apprentice responsibilities, schedule, pay and benefits.
  4. Establish an on-the-job mentor who will work with the apprentice at your company.
  5. Hire apprentice(s) and begin the program.

Requirements To Establish an Apprenticeship

  • Desire to hire or upskill in one of Southeast’s apprenticeship program areas.
  • Pay the apprentice as a regular employee and plan to retain them upon program completion. Develop at least one opportunity for wage increase during or upon completion of the apprenticeship.
  • Allow the apprentice to complete required classroom instruction for the apprenticeship. Instructional methods and duration vary by program.
  • Work with Apprenticeship Coordinator to schedule regular check-ins.

Additional Employer Services

Southeast Community College assists local business and industry to navigate today's evolving workforce needs by providing training programs, educating a skilled workforce prepared to succeed and fill your open positions.

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