Agriculture - Precision Agriculture

Precision Ag student

Program Description

The Precision Agriculture certificate makes it possible for you to install, set up, operate, analyze, and troubleshoot the systems needed to help feed the world. You will be introduced to the concept of precision farming which is site-specific farming in a way that lowers input costs and maximizes yield potential through the use of data, including:

  • GPS guidance
  • drones
  • variable rate application
  • GPS-based soil testing
  • satellite imagery
  • crop health analysis
  • yield monitoring
  • prescription-based applications

Our program gives you a hands-on experience with the various technologies, as well as a basic understanding of hydraulic and electronic systems used in these practices. We will prepare you to install, set up, operate, analyze and troubleshoot the systems needed.

Awards Offered: Certificate
Locations: Beatrice
Formats: In-Person
Start: Fall / Spring
Schedule: Full-Time
Estimated Total Cost
$3,178 Certificate
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You’re a Good Fit

You are a good fit for Precision Agriculture program if you:

  • have excellent math and science skills
  • are coordinated and able to move quickly
  • are able to communicate both verbally and written
  • are a strategic thinker and problem so
  • know federal regulations
  • are willing to be a lifelong learner
  • keep accurate records
  • are detail oriented
  • can troubleshoot on the fly
  • maintain equipment and make repairs when necessary


Our Precision Agriculture program prepares you to implement precision farming practices in your farming operation. Average starting salary in the industry is $44,928. Careers include:

  • Ag Aviation Ground Crew
  • Bulldozer Operator
  • Crop Consultant
  • Custom Applicator
  • Drone Technician
  • Farm Assistant Manager
  • Field Service Technician
  • Precision Ag Specialist
  • Precision Farming Specialist
  • Research Technician
  • Sales Manager

For more information about the post-graduation achievements of SCC Graduates as well as average starting salaries, refer to the annual Graduate Report (PDF).

For information about the methodologies used to gather the post-graduation student achievement data contained in the annual Graduate Report, refer to the Institutional Research page or contact