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    Hands-on - Learn while doing
    In our Agriculture Management & Production program, you’ll learn while doing.
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    Hands-on - Learn while doing
    In our Agriculture Management & Production program, you’ll learn while doing.
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Agriculture Management & Production

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    Agriculture as an industry is as complex and technological as they come. It's also one that has changed dramatically through the years. SCC offers three focus areas within the program: Agribusiness, Agronomy and Diversified Agriculture. The College has a long-standing reputation as a respected provider of concentrated technical agriculture education. A two-year degree in Agriculture Management & Production gives you many career and education options. Approximately 80 percent of program graduates enter careers within the four focus areas, while 20 percent transfer to four-year colleges and universities.


    If you're looking to work with animals, plants, the land, or in an agribusiness-related field, SCC's Agriculture Management & Production program is for you. Choose from three focus areas: Agribusiness, Agronomy and Diversified Agriculture. Our state-of-the-art equipment matches the level of instruction and facilities. Technology has affected all aspects of the agriculture industry, and SCC's program uses the latest technology to prepare students for employment. Students receive hands-on training on the College's 900-acre lab that includes the row crops, pasture and livestock facilities at the Ag Center. The program also leases new tractors, self-propelled sprayers and combines that enable students to work with the latest equipment.

    Student learning is enhanced by experiencing the program's renowned cooperative internship program that sends students across the United States and, in some cases, to foreign countries. Past SCC students have interned in the United States and at numerous international venues.


    The mission of the Agriculture Management & Production program is to teach students of diverse backgrounds how to learn and communicate through hands-on experiences involving knowledge and skills essential for careers in the multi-faceted agriculture industry.

    Employment Outlook

    The long-term trend toward the consolidation of farms into fewer and larger ones is expected to continue. A number of jobs will be available due to the need to replace the large number of farmers expected to retire during the next decade. The average starting annual salary of recent graduates is $32,968.

    Starting Term(s)

    Fall and Spring semesters.

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