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Precision Agriculture Certificate

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    The Precision Agriculture Certificate provides the education necessary to develop the understanding, knowledge and skills to incorporate Precision Agriculture technology into your business operation. You may take the entire curriculum or only the module(s) that fit your needs.


    SCC’s Precision Agriculture Certificate introduces students to the concept of precision farming, provides background information, and prepares students to implement precision farming practices in their farming operation or agri-business operation. The potential impact of precision farming on crop production and farming operations are influenced by the rapidly emerging technologies that make precision farming possible. Course offerings in Ag Technology, Precision Technology, Advanced Precision Technology, and Ag Precision Hardware provide students with a well-rounded background.

    To enroll in the Precision Agriculture certificate courses, please visit the admissions page and follow the basic steps for admission.

    If you do not plan to complete a degree at SCC, but only take a few classes (and are not planning to receive federal financial aid), you do not need to complete an Application for Admission. Registration for individual classes as an undeclared student is completed at the Registration & Records Office.

    Printable PDF of Precision Agriculture Certificate courses.

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    Precision Agriculture is a high-tech concept that relies on advanced technologies to increase efficiency in agricultural practices. Precision Ag allows farmers, cooperatives, service providers, and equipment dealers to collect and use data about unique variations in a field to optimize management with regard to crops, environmental production and economics. Precision agriculture technicians, with their specialized knowledge and skills, are of increasing importance when it comes to the future of agriculture.

    Contact: SCC’s Agriculture Business & Management Technology program, Beatrice Campus, 4771 W. Scott Road, 402-228-8206.

    *This product is 75 percent funded by a $2,507,462 TAACCCT grant from the U.S. Dept. of Labor.
    *SCC is an Equal Opportunity institution.
    *Veterans are entitled to Priority Service.
     *402-437-2702 TTY number for hearing impaired.