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    Placement/Transfer 94%

    That's right! Ninety-four percent of SCC's 2013-2014 graduates found work or continued their education.


Professional Truck Driver Training

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    SCC's program has a fleet of nine truck tractors and 11 trailers. Truck tractors range in age from 1991 to 2008. Students practice with Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Mack and Mercedes Benz engines. Transmissions used include 10-speed, 9-speed, and Super 10-speed, 13-speed and Auto-shift models. Most trailers are 48 feet long, and the program has one 53-foot trailer with plans to add others. Hands-on training is the focus. Total classroom time is 100 hours, and lab and behind-the-wheel training amounts to 240 hours. Most students will log 2,000 to 2,500 driving miles during training. The program has trained more than 2,500 students since it began.


    SCC's Professional Truck Driver Training program is a one-quarter (10.5-week) intensive truck driving course. Students will learn to operate articulated vans and flatbed tractor trailer units. Training includes classroom/lab instruction and driving on city streets and rural roads, two-lane and interstate highways. Students perfect driving skills on the private SCC concourse and perimeter road before progressing to highway driving. Topics of instruction covered during training include accident procedures, daily driver's log, trip planning, hazard perception, speed management, vehicle inspection, extreme driving conditions, hands-on-defensive driving, and skills development in coupling and uncoupling, backing, shifting, and city and highway driving. Students are scheduled from 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Due to the length of the program, financial aid is not available for this course.


    The mission of the Professional Truck Driver Training program is to prepare individuals for a career in the truck driving industry.

    Employment Outlook

    Overall job opportunities should be favorable for truck drivers, although opportunities may vary greatly in terms of earnings, weekly work hours, number of nights spent on the road, and quality of equipment. Competition is expected for jobs offering the highest earnings or most favorable work schedules. Average growth is expected. Ninety-two percent of 2008 SCC program graduates found employment.

    Starting Terms

    All Quarters.

    Professional Truck Driver Training-CE


    Program Requirements & Student Responsibilities

    1. Must have a valid motor vehicle operator's license.
    2. Submit a copy of driving record for the past five years from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
    3. Must be physically qualified under Department of Transportation regulations. Physician to complete a D.O.T. form.
    4. Must be at least 18 years of age.*
    5. Must submit to a drug screen.
    6. Must have a high school diploma or GED.
    7. Punctual and regular attendance is required. Any class session missed, regardless of cause, reduces the opportunity for learning and can affect the grade received. For these reasons, attendance for the class is mandatory and there are no excused absences. A student who accumulates three (3) absences will be put on attendance probation. A student who misses any additional time after being placed on attendance probation will fail the class or be given the opportunity to withdraw from the class, in accordance with established college guidelines. An accumulation of three times late for class, or leaving class early, will be considered one absence. A student will be counted tardy after 10 minutes from the established start of the class.
    8. Follow designated safety procedures while on campus and operating college equipment on public roadways.
    9. Participate in all learning activities at the scheduled times.
    10. Be responsible for program costs: tuition, fees and books.
    11. Be responsible for costs of CDL learners permit and license.

    Note: Acceptance into the program may be contingent on the quality of the driving record. All reviews will be made by the program.

    *Employment opportunities require the applicant to be at least 21 years old to work in interstate commerce, and at least 23 years old for insurance requirements with some commercial carriers.

    Program Goals

    1. The student will demonstrate a working knowledge of the vehicle parts and systems that the truck operator needs to inspect to assure vehicle safety.
    2. The student will be able to demonstrate sufficient skill level in backing the tractor trailer unit.
    3. The student will be able to demonstrate the ability to operate the tractor trailer unit in a safe and competent manner.
    4. The student will demonstrate the ability to maintain the driver's daily log, and other paperwork required of the driver.
    5. The student will develop proper attendance habits, which will allow him/her to succeed in the trucking industry.

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